Friday, March 2, 2012

Your Life: Choose to Live It

Today I briefly caught up with a friend and as he told me about his next great adventure and his new take on living life FULLY, I responded with this:

"I look at life this way.. If tomorrow isn't promised and the end shows its face today or if I'm blessed with a lifetime of memories.. I better make them good, worth while, story-telling, rocking chair, grandchildren and book worthy-telling memories!"

Today, and from now on, I hope you choose to live a life worthy of a trip down memory lane!


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  1. For TO THE Real. THIS my fellow writer has been a topic in which I wasn't too clear on until last year. When I wasn't living but rather - letting each day pass me by with anger, grief and jealously and a bunch of words that would fill this page BUT one day....I WOKE UP!!!! I saw each day as a new day to start a new me - stop living in the past, cancel all my anger toward anyone and start living forward. My new phrase for this year? BE WHO YOU SAY YOU ARE...and the rest shall fall into place. Yes? Yes. What's funny though...for the first time in my life I see things brighter than ever and still have no idea where I want this new ME to end up but I am not scared anymore. I am not worried. I am happy where I am and see that there is more to me to discover and more for me to live - which has created a calm sense of self no matter if I know what's next to come or not. It's sad now, once you wake up from being dead - and see others that are dead and can't help or save them. Just keep gleaming with your own positive light and see if they recognize it someday. Either way...IMMA SCREAM TO TEH WORLD THAT KALINA ROSS is here TO LIVE!!!!!! AND YOU my dear dear friend from far away - are certainly someone who has always promoted life and happiness and I will continue to thank you for that and for being in my life!!! CHEERS!!!!! To living. Love you.