Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rise or Fall? You Decide on the Occasion

Do you grab life or let life grab you?

It was an early morning that paid no attention to her plans. She got her son ready, straightened the house, made lunches and even packed a little time in to catch up with her friend. She rushes to get ready for the interview she's been waiting for. The sun is still shinning.

Her car wont run, so she had to arrange a ride. Her ride runs late with no reason and the situation is suddenly pouring out of her control. Shes frantic and as she pauses to wipe the tears from her eyes, she fixes her mascara, inhales deeply and decides to continue to her interview. She is now 15 minutes late. The clouds circle in.

This is the opportunity that she feels pin points the open path of a successful career. It is the position she has been looking for, in the field she has been ready for, at a time when she is ready for it and yet it's now 20 minutes passed 1:00 and she still has yet to arrive. She can feel the heat, but can no longer see the sun.

She calls to inform her interviewer she is running late and needs clearer directions. She is in the vicinity but cannot find the building. Trying to calm down, she takes a moment to breathe before finally finding the location and gathering her items to go in. She is now 30 minutes late to her interview. She gets out of the car and as she steps down, if nothing else could go wrong, the heel of her shoe snaps right off. Contemplating whether or not to go in, she pulls nerve from deep down in places only a few of us have reached and walks to the door going from 5'7" to 5'3" with each step. As she walks in to the Department of Community and Behavioral Health, she decides to just take off her shoes. The sky seems officially dark.

It's now 35 minutes passed the hour and she shows up with her hair frazzled, her shoes in hand with one heel missing and yet with a smile on her face, tells the lady, "I normally wear shoes to an interview." Through her chuckle and sincere apologies she kindly and briefly explains what happened. As the interviewer looked at her completely appalled she said, "I don't know if I would have come. That is a rough morning." And with her continuous smile, she responded, "well, life throws many things at us and we must learn how to go with the flow of things. Every day won't always be a good day, but you have to make the best out of everything. Nothing will always work perfectly."

Can you picture the interviewer's reaction and she then turned and said, "I wish I could look at life from that perspective." The sun suddenly began shinning again.

In my opinion, if you knew her, as I do, you would say just as I did, "Friend, you always rise to the occasion, no matter what it is!"

For most of us, we would have chopped it up to "not supposed to be" when our ride didn't show. For some of us, we would have held out until we couldn't find the location and a very small percentage of us would have gone all the way despite the messed up hair, height changes and 35 minutes passed the start time with no greater story than the truth and a smile.

In the midst of it, do you continue to poke yourself with the drug of determination? Do you still feign for success when the ride to it gets rocky?

She did.

Rise or Fall? You Decide on the Occasion.

Friday, August 13, 2010


Sometimes we need just THAT thing to make us bounce back to reality. Sometimes, like a slap in the face, we need just THAT thing that can stick a needle in our high and make us fall like a wilted balloon. Sometimes is feels good to know that THAT thing is nothing more than a lesson, a means to an end. Sometimes when all we feel is THAT thing, we realize that our personal growth is relying on so much more. Sometimes all it takes is THAT for your humility to surface and like a poet I encourage it.

Whatever THAT means to you. Please inhale it, exhale it and blow it away because THAT will not sustain you.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Time is a Miracle!!

During a conversation, today, with a friend of mine we were speaking about relationships and how amazing Time is. After going back and forth of how we view the amazing aspects of time, I finally shouted, “Time is a Miracle!”

In its true definition, Time must be used efficiently or you will miss the miracle of which I speak.

It was just yesterday that I was reviewing some old journal entries and came across one that I wrote just five weeks after I moved out and separated with my Ex. The entire entry was based on how five weeks had flown by and how much I was relieved from the place I once was with him and yet in the same breath, how close it felt to our first meeting, our first kiss and our first endeavors. I wrote a list of our “firsts”. The first time in the studio, the first time playing video games, the first time making dinner, the first time I showered at his place and the first time I did his laundry. I wrote, “It felt like yesterday, I was learning exactly how this man likes his laundry done and how whites are washed separately and differently then whites with colors on them.” He was a simple yet complex man who had routines that I felt I was spending my entire relationship trying to understand and “get used to”. There was a compromise I battled. As much as I adapted and bended in trying to be what he called for in me, I knew without a doubt, I could not be a rubber band in my relationship and I needed Time to figure out exactly what I needed. What I needed in a relationship, but more, what I needed for myself.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

I Am A Process

"I am a process; full, complete and ever changing, but none other than a series of processes" - writingRebe

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

By Reason or By Chance

It was presented today that each circumstance has a course. This course can be long, short, thought provoking, heart breaking, enlightening, encouraging, motivating and/or propelling.

If we, a sector of optimists and believers, find that 'everything happens for a reason' then I need an explanation of why so many of us are willing to accept situations, but are unwilling to accept our personal reflection.

Is it not by Reason that you are here? Is it not by Reason that you have obtained either the intangible or tangible? Is it not by Reason that you have encountered situations based on a course of action whether directly or indirectly?

Are you not worth it to yourself? Are you not worth the Reason to obtain more out of life than simply your day to day tasks? I ask you, where is your passion? Maybe it's not that you are by Chance, but that you have simply yet to confront and greet your Reason.

When you meet someone, I encourage you to look past yourself, put yourself on the 'side' burner and embrace the moment. Embrace that it is YOU living in that moment and not a figure of you. Embrace all of you and put your head games in the back seat and like a bad ass kid, tell them to shut the hell up! This is YOU and your Reason and allow yourself to embrace it instead of chopping it up to Chance.

For if circumstances are by Reason then look at yourself as a product molded of a series of circumstances and love it! Love every inch of it; the good, the bad, the you that you 'used to be', the you that you are now and the you that you should dare to envision.

You are more than but a Chance this world was given. So, open your mind and embrace your Reason and give yourself a Chance.

We're waiting...