Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My "Sex and the City" Moment

So they often say that there are a few things that must happen to you before you are a true "New Yorker". After rats and cockroaches trying to share living space and my dress flying up on the corner of the street to reveal all as if I embodied Marilyn for the day, I have officially been pooped on by a pigeon in walking too close to the building. Shocked at it happening, I pulled over under an Duane Reade awning to make sure it had only got on my skin and not my hair or God forbid my clothes. I took a few pictures with the phone to double check. Feeling weirded out by the experience but questioning it's supposed power to bring Good Luck, I keep walking to lunch and then right there on the corner of 53rd and 8th I run into Cuban. Walking directly toward each other as if it were arranged we each wrap our arms in a hug. This handsome man runs into me yet again. "This is 3 times now" he says with a cheesy smile as I notice how undeniably big mine is in the reflection of his glasses. We speak briefly and hurry off to each of our directions but this time with a much much larger smile. Is it the Pigeon Poop or just another day in the city?
I'll leave it up to Life to eloquently display....

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Reverse Inspiration

If inspiration usually comes from someone inspiring us to live better lives, go the extra mile, look at life differently, spend more time with each other, learn a new language, travel the thousand seas, hold out for that one true love or sing that perfect song and touch lives on stages across the nations; if inspiration is usually associated with looking to do better, have we not entertained the thought that inspiration can be done in the reverse?

I met someone who said, "I can't relate to that life [ghetto, hood] therefore I don't know what it's like and cannot understand. He went to Brown. His friends went to Harvard and Yale. Educated minorities have lost perspective in inspiring others? Come on now! We ALL have to look to each other no matter what level, status or background.

Maybe humility will find time to inspire you in looking at what someone else has or doesn't have. You have money, they have none. You want more, they want some. How can you be an inspiration to keep going when you completely close yourself off to others making less, living less or believing less? Let others humbly inspire you to count your blessings...

You never know when you being an inspiration could in turn inspire you.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010



I'm feeling stuck
between a space
recognizing so many different avenues
Desiring a chase
I constantly battle regular verse remarkable
I'm stuck while time keeps moving
I can't seem to find my way
Like a record that just keeps spinning
lost in literal translation
feeling free AND complacent
done with people fakin'
I need a platform to display my true testament
prove my abilities
and stop living with this resentment
this self loathing and loving that I wake to each day
this war on my inner self
this derailing high speed train of the cards I'm delt
Or am I the dealer
Do I spend hours and days dealing with the cards I deal myself
I'm caught in the emotion
still spinning
recognizing a good thing can't find me till I'm complete
Is this true, I mean
who will accept my power and my defeat
I'm looking to capture more
I know
more to this life than what I can see
seeking ways
yelling back at life "I'm God's creation"
looking around me now
lacking the motivation
Angry at the time spent coaching myself
to not be where I want to be
There's the 'pain' card I'm dealt
The swords continue to draw as I
pull the gun on stagnance
and trample over perfection saying
"I am a continued work in progress"
Hurting my process
I wake to the same battle
alone, confused,
committed one moment and lost the next
can't seem to find the return button
"fast forward" I scream
Press rewind
Hit play
My reality declines
I'm stuck!