Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Nothing Short of a Great WIN

It's not too often that you get to see God show off and watch his plan unravel while his actions take place. Well, with some divine intervention, being at the right job at the right time and being a smile for all to see, my friend took a chance on a contest and with help from her friends all around the world, she made it and she made it well! The next Global Grind Celebrity Corespondent is my friend Makho Ndlovu . It's not everyday that the right person, inside and out, steps into a position that suits perfect. It's like wool in winter, pumpkin spice lattes in fall and much success in the spring! Cheers to her and the many opportunities that will follow. Believe in the power of your resources and making it happen for yourself. She DID!

Follow her @makhondlovu for your next celebrity event with a "real woman, real person, really down-to-earth corespondent, Makho!" -WritingRebe