Friday, June 25, 2010

Skin Deep

It's the saddest thing when you sit down next to a fine group of men with their eyes, their outfits, their shoes, their hair, their accents; everything to a 't'. But then you hear what they are saying and your opinion is instantly formed! You no longer desire to look. You giggle to yourself, you smile and you realize beauty is truly skin deep. So attractive yet so undesirable! I wonder if I cut them does their 'ugly' bleed out?

Friday, June 18, 2010

Grow with an Artist

The minute we stop expecting an Artist to sound like their 1st single is the moment our ears can be taken to new heights in music. Will you please shut up and let them be..... be them?

Many people criticize that an Artist, "just doesn't sound the same" or "has conformed to Top 40" or better yet "isn't true to the sound". So, I ask of you, what is "the sound" that they should maintain? Do they not have the capacity to grow in their craft just as you should in yours? Do you like their basis or their faces? Do you lean on their ability or their acceptance? If an Artist doesn't sound like their original track, why do you trash them and call them a sell out?

Don't get me wrong, many Artists have tackled mainstream airways and opened their pockets, but until you know their circumstances judge their ability and not their acceptance.

Have a better opinion than "selling out". Have an opinion, but don't hate the game because you're favorite player progressed and got an endorsement, made a movie, or switched teams. I dare you to grow with the your Artist. I dare you to have an opinion that is strong and secure and larger than "selling out".
Take a listen! Shit, that's what it's there for!

Broaden your ears and watch how your outlook follows suit. It might even, God forbid, change you! :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Your Best YOU

Married? Divorced? Dating? Friends? The "The Thing Yet To Be Determined"?
In any situation give 100% of your effort and be Your Best You. Do so and when you find THE one, the NEXT one, A one, or SOMEONE, everyone else can say THAT person is lucky to have YOU! It's easy to harden and defend our hearts, but our greatest weakness is not vulnerability, it's pride. No matter how many practice relationships you have had, or will have, continue to forgive and be Your Best You! The world deserves it.
And we're waiting...

"If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It"

Some say "don't fix what isn't broken". I say "fix it before it breaks". Work on it, treat it, nurture it so it doesn't break. A very good friend said, "if more people took time to do this, many relationships would be saved". It's like when you see your tire is low and you fill it before it goes flat, which could ultimately become a bigger problem and incredibly hindering to your day. Fix things before they become hindering. Nourish them while they still possess substance. Fill someone's glass before its empty. Make more love, or create space to crave their love. Give more or nourish what is still there. Get back to what Boyz II Men said, "don't let the water run dry".

Care about people THAT much! :)

This is not for those far too gone and people obviously unhappy with their relationships.